Manu Invisible

Manu Invisible embarks on his artistic career at the beginning of the 21st century in Sardinia, a Milan is established and various international works are completed.

Coming from the graffiti background, his art is differentiated by Street Art for the choice of words in freedom, in crumbling urban contexts and turnpike.

Manu Invisible is a masked artist, a shiny black mask with sharp shapes, inspired by geometry and night.

After graduating from the Artistic High School, he later held several exhibitions at the Spazio Galileo in Milan and completed a big mural at Lycée Carnot Jean Bertin in France.

He has held private courses in Affresco, both in Florence, one at the Academy of Giglio, the other at the Bottega del Bon fresco of the Master Massimo Callossi

On April 4, 2016, before the Court of Cassation will be acquitted in the final level, after having been already acquitted in the first and second degree at the Court of Milan, in which the artistic value of his speech was recognized.

2020 “SPIRIT” monumental work in the inner courtyard of the University of Roma Tre Philosophy district Hegel NOW! Project

2020 “Horizons” mural and testimonial for enrollment campaign University of Cagliari

In 2018 he completed a Traditional Fresco at 360° along the walls of the Aula Magna Capitini of the University of Cagliari.

Manu Invisible has taken part on several projects, always completed with passion, as has invariably been the case from the outset of his career.

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