Marco Réa

Marco Rèa, born in ’75, Roman by birth, has been a well-known name of the new Italian contemporary art for years.
Always recognizable for his unique and refined style.

His works, made with spray cans, are the result of the reinterpretation of existing images, altered to the point of showing a secret, dark and melancholy soul.
In recent years, the style of Marco Rèa undergoes a strong change.
The artist abandons the use of splashes of color to devote himself to an unexpected and skilful use of the stencil, giving life to a series of portraits formed by tangles of “Line art” lines, creating various works both in the studio and outdoors.

He conducted art studies first in high school, then studying comics and finally graduating in contemporary art history.
In parallel with his studies, in the 90s he used sprays to make graffiti and continued to use them to create his works.

He has exhibited in Europe, the United States and Japan.
He has performed works for Universal Pic., Mondadori Electa, Liberty (UK), Paris Fashion Week and collaborated with world famous personalities.

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