Simon Dee

We know that Simon Dee is a graffiti artist who started his career in 2004 in Italy. However, there are no graffiti on the wall with the “Simon Dee” tag, nor web testimonies about the artist. The name Simon Dee appears on Instagram in July 2017 for the very first time. Since then, the artist has received great acknowledgement by the audience and a staggering number of followers skyrocketing every day. Bringing the bubble style back to the scene can be associated with a part of the artist’s success: the bubble style is simple and sometimes even dirty, but it found the favor of the social audience. Overtime, Simon Dee has looked over different styles, each one very different from one another: from bubble to wild style, it is so different that you might think Simon Dee is not an individual person. Technically too, the artist encompasses both paper and digital art, widening the audience even more. The artist is also one of the founders and creators of the Instagram page Graffbook (@graffb00k), one of the most active street artist promo pages on the web. In 2010 Simon Dee opens the YouTube channel Simon Dee containing a series of tutorials from the artist. Recently, the artist is also on FacebookTwitter and TikTok.

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