Simone Fugazzotto


Monkey or human -Which is better? 

Simone Fugazzotto incorporate monkey figures into most of his paintings.

Humans features are combined with the figure of monkey in a virtual chat and crossover; anthropomorphic animals do not just act as a link between us and the story of evolution: apes replace man and accomplish forms of humanized behavior. 

“Therefore”, he says, “my monkeys are filled of all the feelings and expressions joined to humans in the collective imagination : laziness, apathy, boredom, snobbism and fear of ourselves.” 

After completing artistic studies in Milan and short period at the city’s Brera Academy, Fugazzotto moved to New York for five years where exposure to the city’s art scene stimulated his portfolio, deepening his painting by experimentation with sculpture and animation. 

He paints on canvas but also explores various materials: raw jute, wood, plexiglass and cement slabs mounted on canvas – which he considers a fundamental part of the work and complementary to his imaged expression. These elements are decisive for his reflection on the contemporary human being, lost in itself between passion and vice. 

“I paint human beings for what we are: as a racist, stupid, poetic, sick, beautiful and perverse Kind.” 

Simone Fugazzotto was born in Milan where he lives and works.

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