Andrea Macias aka Waarp

Andrea Marcias was born, grows and live in his beloved Sardinia.

His education is anything but artistic, the search for the best vehicle to express his artistic need carries on since he was a kid, first with the drawing then with music.

The real revelation was the digital art and in particular the 3D one.

Andrea approached this world first as a simple spectator and then as an active participant under the pseudonym of Waarp (pseudonym that could soon change).

He found in Cinema 4D the perfect medium to finally realize the images he had in mind.

He is self-taught at 100% and has not followed any particular course related to the software, he learned it thanks to the manual and to thousands of hours of attempts (from the first day he put his hands on Cinema 4D, it was the end of 2016, there has never been a day when Andrea has not given him at least two hours a day).

At the same time he deepened the concept of composition.

He strove to find the best workflow according to his needs, which would allow him to optimize the time and carry out the work of a graphic within a couple of hours from beginning to end, including rendering times.

There is not a single thread that unites his works and he prefers to vary the mood day by day, letting himself be guided simply by improvisation.

Often, elements of the science fiction imaginary return to which he has always been passionate.

The inspiration can be just an image seen in a movie, a line read in a book, an artwork from one of his favorite artists and sometimes it happens that putting a record Andrea begins to work and literally create instincts guided by music.

The end result can sometimes be absolutely unrealistic and bizarre while other times more likely to reality.

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