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On Digital.Artrights you can buy Art Rights certified digital works of art, the first platform to manage, protect and certify works of art

NFTs for Art

What are NFTs

Acronym for “non-fungible token”, they are a type of cryptographic token on Blockchain that represents a unique digital or real asset. What distinguishes NFTs is precisely their non-fungibility, i.e. the non-interchangeability given by a single, non-replicable code.

NFT & Digital Art

A digital work in NFT is digitally signed by the artist who created it, which makes it different from the other apparently identical ones in circulation, just as an authentic and signed painting is different from a copy of it.


The NFTs allow you to demonstrate and certify the authenticity and therefore the intellectual property of the work as, regardless of the transfer of ownership, its attribution will always be attributable to the author.

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